Nieuwe versies iQ.Suite

New version of the email management solution iQ.Suite is available now! iQ.Suite 19 for IBM Notes/Domino and iQ.Suite 15 for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP offer new features, especially greater protection against cyber attacks that you won’t want to miss. Download the latest version for your environment now and find out for yourself.

Highlights include

  • Recognition of anomalies in email user behaviour
  • Spam protection with cloud-based detection technology
  • Anti-phishing technology to block URLs
  • Browser-based email signature management
  • Safeguarding of email communication with Office 365 integration

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iQ.Suite DLP – Data Leakage Prevention

Intelligent protection against data theft with anomaly recognition

In addition to protecting inbound email communication, safeguarding outbound email communication should be an integral part of every well-thought-out IT security strategy.

The email security solution iQ.Suite DLP now offers innovative technology for analysing email user behaviour and recognising anomalies. While respecting data protection guidelines, atypical email user behaviour can be detected and pertinent information is collected and evaluated. If deviations from regular behaviour suggest the distribution of business critical data, various measures can be taken. A modern, web-based dashboard keeps IT administrators up-to-date regarding key business figures and reveals potential DLP breaches.


iQ.Suite Wall – multi-level spam filter

Improved spam protection with cloud-based recognition technology

The anti-spam module iQ.Suite Wall uses intelligent content analysis to provide broad protection from unwanted emails. And now Kaspersky Lab’s Anti-Spam Engine is a fixed component of iQ.Suite.

The integration of Kaspersky’s Anti-Spam Engine makes it possible to conduct comprehensive recognition processes, including heuristic analysis of headlines, text in file attachments or graphics. Optionally, cloud-based protection enables even faster recognition of new spam.



iQ.Suite Watchdog – central virus protection

Protection from cyber attacks thanks to new anti-phishing technology

The anti-malware module iQ.Suite Watchdog provides consistent, server-based protection from viruses and unwanted file attachments. The parallel use of multiple virus scanners ensures powerful protection against malware.

Kaspersky anti-phishing technology has been integrated in iQ.Suite Watchdog, identifying and blocking suspicious web links in emails. Cloud-based technologies evaluate the reputation of web sites, thereby reliably recognising malicious web links and blocking emails.


Our free GBS Security Guide provides more information about protecting your company from cyber threats, especially encryption Trojans.

Browser-based email signature management

WebClient makes it possible to use iQ.Suite on any device, in any browser. With the integration of iQ.Suite Trailer in WebClient, email signature management has been optimised.

The focus here is on the user-friendly management of trailer contents by the individual company departments. Employees have browser-based management of documents, graphics and file attachments at their fingertips. Yet thanks to the integrated rights and roles concept, adjustments can only be carried out by authorised persons.


Secure email communication with Office 365 integration

With the new release, Azure-hosted iQ.Suite can take over the management of Office 365 mailboxes, processing inbound and outbound emails, as well as internal emails. Optionally, hybrid scenarios can be realised, with iQ.Suite being run on-premise by the customer, making the full range of iQ.Suite solutions available to Office 365 customers.